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Beginners and Intermediary courses for all ages.

Workshops for individuals, groups as well as for corporates.

Studio space, wheel and kiln are available on rent for other artists. Contact us for more info.

Courses and Workshops: Classes

You can book our courses and workshops under BOOKONLINE option

Courses and Workshops: Text


We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of classes fitting all skill levels and mediums. Are you curious about all that we offer? Learn more about each class below, and get in touch today with any questions.


This beginners course is a perfect opportunity to learn how to make pots on the wheel as well as freehand (using multiple techniques.).

Duration -  4 weeks course.

it consists of twelve sessions (3 sessions per week) and each session is 2 hours long including 15 minutes of preparations before and after. 


weekday Batch is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-12am (24 hours in total)

Weekend batch is on saturday and sunday 10:00-12:30 (20 hours in total)

Fee Rs.14400 for weekday classes and weekend batch is 12300 (we wont be doing hand building and that's why lesser price) .The price is including all materials and firing of up to 8 items. 

Topics covered in the beginners course 

● Introduction to Pottery

You will learn what pottery is, what are the various types of clay and glazes, and the process of how a lump of clay is made into a glazed ceramic piece.

● Basics of pottery wheel / throwing on the wheel

You will learn how to wedge, how to center the clay on the wheel, how to pull the walls and trim your pots. You will also learn how to make various simple forms like cylinders, bowls, cups and small vases. you will a lso be learning how to make handles and attach them to your cups. Please note that forming a cylinder shape on the wheel would be the end goal of a beginners course as the cylinder is the basis for any other form on the wheel.

● 3 Handbuilding techniques

2 sessions are dedicated to the various handbuilding techniques. You will learn coil, slab and pinching methods that form the basics for any shape and form.

● Preparing your pots for the firings

Once you successfully make the forms, you will learn how to prepare them for the first firing called Bisque firing and later for the second firing which is called Glaze firing. This includes, trimming, scrubbing, drying and sanding.

● Glazing techniques

You will learn the basics of glazes, how to glaze your pots using various methods and how to finally prepare them for the glaze firing.


Requirements - You should have finished beginners course either at our studio or any other pottery studio. You are confident in throwing a cylinder with 500-600gms of clay.

Duration -  6 weeks course.

Days - Tuesday and Thursday 

Timings - 5pm-7pm

Fee - INR 16200  (including all materials and glazing and firing of up to 10 Pieces)

This consisting of various techniques and tips for students who have had experience on the potters wheel and have worked with clay. This is a recommended follow-up course to our beginners course. Please note that we will be working exclusively with the potters wheel and our main focus will be on throwing, surface decoration techniques and glazing techniques.

The twelve sessions are spread across 6 weeks, two session per week and each session is of 2 hours long. 

Wheel throwing:

You will be taught how to create complex shapes  (for eg, tea pots, lids, bottleneck etc...) on the wheel. Along side, you will also be learning how to centre and work with clay of upto one kilo on the wheel. You will also get to learn how to throw set of mugs or bowls, wider bowls and plates.

Textures and surface decorations :

You will get to learn various carving and surface decoration techniques that would help you to alter the looks of wheel thrown pots.

Glazing : 

Glazes can make or break your pieces, so in glazing, we will learn about how glazes influence the over all look of your ceramic product. we will also dwell into the suitable and non suitable glazes for a particular piece depending on size, shape and texture of a pot. Experimenting with various glaze application techniques  like slip trailing, sgraffito, wax/tape resistance methods etc...will also be covered in this course. You will be introduced to oxides and stains as well. 


If you are looking to handcrafted gift for your loved ones or just want to unwind by doing a creative activity (alone or with a friend or with a loved one together) and also create your own ceramics, this is a perfect workshop for you.

In these two hours, you will be introduced to clay and to pottery wheel. We will assist you in creating either some jewellery or a cup or a bowl or set of bowls that you can use yourself or gift it to your loved ones.

This could also a perfect workshop to gift a loved one on their birthday. (the workshop will be conducted to a maximum of two participants in order to guarantee utmost attention).

Please note that the items you might make, may crack, break and we will not be able to fire them. IF they survive, we will notify you and usually after 30-45 days after the workshop you can collect them. 

2-3 people can participate at a time in this workshop. The timings can be adjusted based on the availability of slots as per your convenience. 

Please let us know if it is your birthday or your loved ones birthday when you attend the workshop, we will show you an assortment of some of our ceramic products and you get to choose the one you like from them to take back home! Consider it as a birthday gift from us! 🤗

Fee : INR 3000 per person including all materials, glazes and firings (upto 2 pieces). 

Please contact us 2-3 days in advance inorder to book this workshop. 


We send a potters wheel along with clay and basic tools to your home (currently only for Bangalore residents) and teach you how to work on a pottery wheel through 10 online sessions. Please note that the online sessions are mon-fri  from 7:00 - 8:30am. we do not offer evening or weekend sessions for our online workshop. 

we provide : Pottery wheel, essential tools and 10 kgs of clay.
(The pottery wheel and the tools have to be returned after the workshop)
Duration  : Two weeks / Ten sessions / 5 days a week, either mornings or evening depending on 
the convenience of the participants in the batch.
Please arrange the following items at home.
Necessary : 3ft*3ft space for the wheel, a regular power socket, zoom account, two mugs, water 
supply, apron/towel cloth,  plastic bag / sheet (to cover the clay and keep it moist, ideally a
garbage bag should be sufficient)
Recommended  :  If possible a tripod or any stable stand to hold your mobile phone during the 
zoom session, various home items to decorate the pots, like a cap of a marker or a small
screwdriver or toothpicks etc…
Fee structure :
Rs. 9500 Plus
One way Delivery charges to be paid directly to the delivery guy when you receive the wheel (on an average it might range from Rs.500-1000). 
(The fee of includes the wheel and tool rental for two weeks and also for the 10kgs of clay.)

Online workshop details

Session 1 : Monday 

● Brief intro : Ceramics, throwing, handbuilding, different clay bodies, glazes and firing

● Process involved in making a ceramic bowl.

● Wedgining process

● Demo on the wheel.

● Various Methods of reclaiming the clay.  

Self practise

Session 2 : Tuesday 

● Wedgining

● Demo on the wheel

● Various steps involved in throwing (the process of creating an object on the wheel)

● Focus on centering 

Self practise

Session 3 : Wednesday 

● Wedgining

● Centering on the wheel

● Focus on centering and pulling. 

Self practise

Session 4 : Thursday 

● Wedgining

● Centering and pulling walls

● Focus on finishing the bowl.

● homework - make a bowl. 

Self practise

Session 5 : Friday 

● Trimming, decorating and finishing the bowls.  

Self practise

 Session 6 : Monday 

● Centering, pulling and finishing a bowl.

● Demo of making set of two or four bowls.  

Self practise

Session 7 : Tuesday 

● Various forms and shapes on the wheel - Demo

● Making of two similar bowls.

● Tipps and tricks to make similar bowls. 

Self practise

Session 8 : Wednesday 

● Various forms and shapes on the wheel.

● Making handles, extra attachments..etc.

● Attaching handles. 

Self practise

Session 9 : Thursday 

● Demo of making cylinders.

● Various decorating tricks.  

Self practise

Session 10 : Friday 

● Recap from session 1-9.

● Presentation of bowls and cups.

Return of the wheels on Saturday


Please note that the online class will either be early morning or evening time. We can try and arrange the classes at your convinient time however this depends upon availability of other participants ( 2-3 participants at a time on a zoom session).


We offer various pottery and yoga workshops for groups of individuals as well to the corporates. Please write to us with your requirements and we will get back to you with details of a customised workshop choices for you.

Courses and Workshops: Classes
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